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SENDA 50 / GPR 50 Quick Action Throttle
« on: December 20, 2016, 02:39:25 AM »
Micro capacity engines result in spending 90% of the time going full throttle everywhere, so OEM manufacturers fitting mopeds with high stroke - slow quickness throttles further exacerbates the issue. 2 variations of the Derbi Senda models come fitted with a much easier to live with throttle and longer inner cable to suit, which also fit every other Senda 50 / GPR 50. This is also good news for those who choose to run the oil injection pump while using the OEM Derbi or any aftermarket exhaust restricted with washers, cones or tubes to under 10,000 rpm.

Quickness: 1.9/mm, stroke: 50 mm

Product code for throttle assembly: Domino 2203.03-02
Product code for longer cable: Derbi 863069

If using hand guards with bar end inserts, you will need to saw the throttle tube end off.

GPR 50 sport bike models: RH switchgear would have to be replaced with product code: Domino 0351AB.9A.04-00 the OEM connection plug wiring will need modifying with standard motorcycle bullet connectors and insulating sheaths to connect this switchgear...