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Also applicable to the Aprilia RX50/SX50.

One of the main issues with these bikes designed around microscopic engines is shorter frame dimensions than typical 125cc and upwards motorcycles, resulting in a forced cramped ride position. Aftermarket footrests or adapters designed to re-position footrests rearwards are still not available on the market. The only resort is pivoting handlebar risers which allow riders to adjust handlebar positioning to suit their own skeletal dimensions. In my case... moving the bars further forward.

I trail ride frequently on my SX50 - converted to an RX80' this cramped ride positioning issue is further exacerbated while standing on the footrests over rough terrain. Rox Speed Fx risers often receive container ship loads of hype reviews etc.. so i settled on their 2" pivoting risers for the 2007 SX50/RX50's 1 1/8" stem clamps, product code: 1R-P2PP

"Sounds like a bit of a gamble"... do they fit?

Yes :)

No wiring or cables needed re-routing' if your bike is fitted with aftermarket handlebars with a higher rise than the OEM bars' then reverting to lower rise bars may be needed for enough cable length etc.. left side of my bike's OEM bars were bent upward and backward by one the previous owners. The internal bar diameter was also too small for hand guard installation hardware, so i splashed out on Pro Taper Contour's in Sir Ricky Carmichael's bend with the following specs...

Width: 800
Height: 77
Rise: 40
Clamp Area: 195
Sweep: 55
Control: 180

Trials motorcycles are designed for riders standing on the footrests 100% of the time' footrests, gear levers and rear brake pedals are mounted much farther back than typical trail and enduro machines.

If your bike uses the fork top clamp with 7/8" clamps the you will have 2 options to choose from:
Product code: 1R-P2SSN for using 7/8" handlebars
Product code: 1R-P2SE for either 7/8" or converting to 1 1/8" handlebars. However' these cost more money than the standard 7/8" version.

Rox Speed Fx Risers cons:

#1) Extortionately overpriced for the simple design and purpose they serve.
#2) I would prefer if these risers were manufactured as a single piece' so that aligning everything up during installation would be less faffing about. Also' handlebar material is more likely to bend easier in hard crashes.

Here's a few informative videos...

Last year i installed some non-pivoting risers' shortly after... realized they also moved the bars rearward
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